Sleep's Impact on Workplace and Employee Safety

Sleep's Impact on Workplace and Employee Safety

Sleep deprivation can be a major predictor of accidents and injuries among fatigued workers and employees. Decision-making is compromised, and cognitive processes are slowed. The increased risk is stark and sobering.

That translates to wasteful injuries, but also lost productivity and potentially expensive health insurance and litigation costs. No sleep puts everyone involved at a higher risk for compromised safety. Dollar for dollar, employers who invest in the quality sleep of their employees come out on top.

ProjectZ Sleep Health Program Achieves 8X ROI for Hyatt Corporation

A recently released case study by Optisom, creators of the ProjectZ Sleep Health Program, measured significant productivity gains for Hyatt Corporation employees.

Hyatt Corporation, a leading global hospitality service provider, deployed the ProjectZ Sleep Health Program to assist its employees with sleep health issues.