ProjectZ Sleep Health Program Achieves 8X ROI for Hyatt Corporation

A recently released case study by Optisom, creators of the ProjectZ Sleep Health Program, measured significant productivity gains for Hyatt Corporation employees.


Hyatt Corporation, a leading global hospitality service provider, deployed the ProjectZ Sleep Health Program to assist its employees with sleep health issues. Employees enthusiastically participated in ProjectZ at three times the industry average for wellness programs, leading to quantifiable increases in productivity and sleep health. Based on productivity gains measured using the clinically validated Work Limitations Questionnaire, Hyatt Corporation realized an 8X return on investment for the ProjectZ program.    

Denise Pullen, Assistant Director of Operations Design and Learning Communications at Hyatt Corporation states, “At Hyatt, being your best is about being your authentic self in each moment - engaged, fulfilled, and ready to take on the world. To help our colleagues be their best we will continue to look at their wellness and ways we can help them accomplish their purpose. Sleep continues to be an important element to wellness success. ProjectZ has helped us educate and encourage healthy sleep amongst our colleagues and their significant others.”

Hyatt employees benefited from dramatic decreases in insomnia symptoms, with 90% of sufferers reporting little to no symptoms after participating in the ProjectZ program. Through personalized education and the creation of healthy sleep habits, ProjectZ also reduced cases of ongoing, self-induced sleep deprivation by 67%. A vast majority of ProjectZ participants, 82%, said that the program not only improved their sleep health, but their overall health.

Hyatt Corporation employees improved their health by taking ProjectZ’s five minute, self-paced, online assessment and completing activities outlined in a personalized, clinically proven intervention plan. Specific, achievable tasks provide a sense of accomplishment while improving sleep; thereby creating a positive feedback loop to drive on-going participation and sleep health improvement. Employers who deploy the ProjectZ program reap the benefits of a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce.

About Optisom: 
Optisom is a leading provider of sleep health solutions, led by experienced medical professionals and technology entrepreneurs who represent the beneficial intersection of medicine and technology. Optisom’s ProjectZ program integrates digital technology with proven clinical techniques to deliver practical, accessible solutions for the corporate wellness market. This engaging, user-friendly solution helps people help themselves for lasting change and better health.