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Subject Line: Fall Back - Daylight Savings

Body Text: As we approach the end of Daylight Savings Time it can be a difficult transition to make. Throughout the year, your body works to constantly coordinate it's "biologic clock" with the outside world. When the time changes, your body finds itself suddenly "out of sync" with the world around it. Here are a few tips to help re-synchronize your biologic clock:

See the light - try to get exposure to early morning natural light soon after awakening. Light is the most important signal to your brain that it is time to be alert and start your day. Early morning light exposure, particularly during this next week, will speed your adaptation to the new time.

Don't forget the basics. The time change is a great time to review some important sleep habits. Keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. Try to maintain regular bedtimes and awakening times.

Shift meal times toward the new time schedule. For example, if you normally eat dinner at 6 pm, consider shifting diner time on Friday and Saturday to 6:30. That way, once the time has switched you will only be 30 minutes off your usual schedule instead of one hour. Meal times are another important clue the body uses to "set" the biologic clock.

Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible during this adaptation period. Both alcohol and caffeine interrupt sleep and further sleep deprive you at a time when you are trying to readjust your biologic clock.

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Subject Line: Turkey & Naps

Body Text: Ever fall asleep shortly after Thanksgiving dinner and attribute it to the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, that is found in turkey? Did you know that turkey actually contains the same amount of tryptophan that is found in other types of poultry? In fact, for the non-meat eaters, tofu actually has twice the amount of tryptophan as turkey.

Why so sleepy?
Scientists say it could be a combination of things…overeating in general can make you tired and too many carbohydrate laden foods can lead to sleepiness. Also, you may have come to the table with some already established sleep debt.

So, how about that nap?
Napping is o.k. if you limit it to no longer than 30 minutes (the best window for napping is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.). When you sleep for more than 30 minutes, you risk entering a state of deep sleep and you may wake up groggy, confused, and unable to fall asleep at your normal bed time.

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