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Subject Line: Get Your Sweat On For Better Sleep

Body Text: When it comes to physical exercise, lack of sleep can impact your strength, speed, reaction time, muscle recovery, chance of injury, focus, and teamwork.

On the flip side, exercise not only can improve your quantity of sleep, but also the quality of your sleep.

A study by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of medicine indicated that regular exercise can have a dramatic impact on sleep and added as much as 1.25 hours per night. Furthermore, exercise can also help strengthen circadian rhythms to keep you alert during the day and bring on sleepiness at night. 

For tips on how to optimize your exercise routine for better sleep, visit the Sleep University, found on the ProjectZ dashboard, and check out the article: “Get your sweat on for better sleep”.

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Subject Line: Eyes off the clock!

Body Text: Did you know that checking what time it is throughout the night can worsen the quality of your sleep and actually become a habit? 

Waking up during the night, looking at the clock and calculating how much time until you wake, is a habit worth kicking.  Clock checking can lead to worry and anxiety around sleep.  These behaviors will lead to more fragmented sleep which can leave you feeling more tired and less rested in the morning. 
The good news is once you've broken free of the habit of checking the time, you will be able to experience sleep periods that are not interrupted by the clock. You will also feel less stressed about being in bed so you can relax and fall asleep. 
What can you do tonight? Remove the clock from the bedroom, turn it around, or cover it. This works for your cell phone too! We spend so much 'time' watching the clock during the day, why not give yourself a break at night.

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