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Subject Line: How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Body Text: The amount of sleep needed to function on a daily basis varies by individual. While there are individuals who are genetically short sleepers, where they require only 4-5 hours and do so without evidence of lacking cognitive function or coordination, this only represents 1-5% of the population. However, the majority of people need between 7-9 hours of sleep. 

The key is to not stress about how much sleep you are not getting. Rather, focus on how much sleep you need to feel good the next day. If you are getting 7 hours of sleep on average and you are able to do the things you enjoy without any significant impairment, this would suggest you are getting enough sleep at night. As long as you feel rested when the day begins, try not to worry about the exact number of hours of sleep you are accumulating. 

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Subject Line: Overcoming Sleep Debt

Body Text: It is common for people to not get enough sleep during the week and then attempt to make up for it on the weekend. Consistently not sleeping enough adds up over time and has detrimental short and long term effects on your mind and body. While trying to fully pay off that debt each weekend may sound like a good idea, it isn’t.

When you sleep in on the weekends and delay your usual wake time, it's as if you are telling your body you are now in a different time zone. This is commonly referred to as "Social Jet Lag". Then, just as you are adapting to your new wake time, your body is forced to wake up earlier on Monday. While sleeping in for no more than one hour on weekends may be okay, it is not the ideal solution.

How can I efficiently pay back my debt?

You can add 30-60 minutes of extra sleep each night during the week. The best solution is to not cut yourself short on sleep during the week and to sleep in no more than 30 minutes on weekends to pay back sleep debt. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule seven days a week can be difficult at first, but is worth it long-term.

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