Case Study

Outcomes Overview

Hyatt management deployed Optisom’s ProjectZ as key part of their ongoing wellness initiatives. The outcomes of ProjectZ were measured using a baseline screening and follow-up assessments at the midpoint and endpoint of the program. Based on the results, ProjectZ significantlyimproved the sleep health of the employee population, resulting in higher productivity for Hyatt and better health for Hyatt employees.

ProjectZ reduced the prevalence of sleep deprivation by 67%, as measured through midpoint or endpoint assessments.

ProjectZ reduced the prevalence of sleep deprivation by 67%, as measured through midpoint or endpoint assessments.

ProjectZ reduced the symptoms of insomnia by 90%, as measured through midpoint or endpoint assessments.

Based on productivity gains alone, Hyatt realized an 8x return on investment. The productivity gains were quantified using the Work Limitations Questionnaire, an industry accepted measurement tool.

In addition to improved sleep, the majority of employees surveyed expressed an improvement in their overall health, reinforcing restorative sleep as a foundation for health.

Population And Outcomes Data


Population Level Data

Hyatt has an established culture of health, with broad executive support for wellness initiatives. This allowed ProjectZ to be marketed effectively to the employee population. The baseline screenings showed a high prevalence of sleep health issues in the employee population, correlating with the high rate of obesity. Population level data from the ProjectZ program is shown below. Even without factoring in reduced health care costs and safety savings, the client realized an 8x return on investment from the productivity gains alone.

Corporate Culture of Health

Executive Support level

Incentive Level

Population Size

% Overweight or Obese BMI

% of Population Screened

% of Screened Population Engaged with ProjectZ

Reduction in Productivity Limitation

Return On Investment










Outcomes Data

Based on the midpoint and endpoint assessment data collected, ProjectZ proved effective in reducing the prevalence of sleep deprivation and decreasing insomnia symptoms. A vast majority of participants also reported improved sleep, improved health and overall satisfaction with the program.

Midpoint and endpoint assessments completed

Sleep Deprivation Prevalence (baseline to post-intervention)

Sleep Deprivation Prevalence Reduction

Insomnia Symptomatic (baseline to post intervention)

Insomnia Symptomatic Reduction

Participants Reporting Improved Sleep

Participants Reporting Improved Health

Participants Satisfied with Program


49% to 16%


21% to 2%