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February meeting notes

Subject: Sleep & Sex

Message: The cardinal rule of good sleep hygiene: The bed is for sleep and sex only. Unfortunately if you're not getting enough sleep, the chances are that your sex life is suffering too.

Research has shown that lack of sleep, even in the short term, leads to significantly decreased testosterone levels for men. A similar effect on libido has also been found in women. Research also suggests that lack of sleep can negatively impact our reproductive hormones, thus having a negative impact on our fertility levels. 

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Subject: While You Are Sleeping

Message: Although a sleeping person may appear inactive, some functions of the brain and body are more active while we sleep than when we're awake. During sleep, we cycle between four stages of sleep. One stage is REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and the other three stages are NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep.

Throughout the four stages our tissues grow and repair, hormones are released, blood supply to our muscles increases, memories are formed and consolidated, and energy is restored. During REM sleep, our eyes dart back and forth, often accompanied by dreams. 

Given how many critical processes take place during sleep, it is important you treat sleep as a priority! 

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