ProjectZ: Sleep Health Screener


With just a few simple questions, our self-paced, clinically validated survey identifies major sleep problems and sleep hygiene issues. These focused questions guide employees to evaluate their sleep habits, sleep quality, and potential red flags for serious medical conditions.

Although our questions and methodology are firmly grounded in sleep research and scientific practice, ProjectZ frames questions in a warm but professional tone, so that the experience is not cold or confusing for your employees. Look elsewhere for confusing jargon or complex medical terminology.

Designed for simple, intuitive navigation, your employees evaluate their sleep history with the click of a button. Within seconds, our sophisticated algorithms will scrutinize results and build a customized treatment plan that includes coaching, educational resources, and recommendations for additional assessments or therapies as needed.

ProjectZ Therapy Modules


CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, emphasizes partnership with client patients. What does that look like for your employees? All ProjectZ therapies are structured along Challenge Categories, which spark and maintain interest for employees thanks to choice and challenge.

Simply put, participants view Challenge Categories that are aligned with results from their initial screening. Categories have snappy titles, but they reflect clinically validated strategies for improving sleep health. Whether it’s learning to document sleep patterns, reduce stress and anxiety, or improve sleep hygiene, your employees can select a category to focus their efforts.

Each category contains specific strategies directly connected to your employee’s sleep concerns. Strategies are explained in easily understandable, relatable language, and participants also learn how each strategy relates to their overall sleep goals. The “What,” “How,” and “Why” of each Challenge Category is simply conveyed in ProjectZ’s friendly, professional tone.

We know that having choices feels good. When your employees know they have options when it comes to making healthy choices, they are more likely to stick with the program.

ProjectZ Challenge Cards


The prospect of building a house from scratch might seem like an impossible goal. But breaking it down into steps – pouring a foundation, erecting beams, installing drywall – make it manageable. Before long, it’s time to select light switches and the perfect welcome mat.

It’s the same way with sleep. Some of your employees may already have good sleeping habits. They might be ready for a few upgrades and finishing touches. Some participants might need to remodel a few rooms in the house, but enjoy a fairly strong foundation. Others might be living in spaces that are dangerous and unsafe.

Our Challenge Cards address all of those scenarios. Depending on initial screening results and Challenge Category, participants can choose among cards directly aligned to sleep goals. Challenges range from serious steps, like contacting a doctor, to the fun stuff, like gentle stretching before bedtime.

As participants complete challenges, they accumulate points. Harder tasks receive more points, and employees can determine their own strategy. Points count toward rewards and incentives, keeping employees focused and engaged.

ProjectZ Dashboard


All participants have a customized personal Dashboard that serves as a home base for their sleep health progress. Employees can easily view their Recent Activity as a reminder of their challenges accomplished and points accumulated, keeping interest and motivation high.

We also track each participant’s Reward Progress, so that employees keep the overall goal in mind: completing sleep-related challenges in order to achieve better health, while simultaneously earning points toward desirable incentives.

The Dashboard also displays each employee’s current Challenge Card array, so that next steps are always in sight. Depending on their point-accumulation strategy, employees can choose to complete cards based on point value. We know that some participants want to take small steps, earning points along the way. Others are gunning for big change and big points.

We’ve designed our Dashboard to prominently display each participant’s Sleep Stats, providing an easy-to-understand visual record of how much sleep they’re getting each night.

ProjectZ Sleep University


Research powerfully substantiates the claim that education helps people make better decisions. For that reason, ProjectZ also includes an extensive library of educational articles for participants to access.

Without a doubt, our educational articles represent the most recent scientific research and sleep medicine findings in the field. But they’re written in a friendly, conversational tone so that participants can learn how to sleep better without feeling bored or weighed down in medical jargon.

Each article is tightly focused, so that participants can find the exact information they’re looking for. An employee trying to learn how to deal with a snoring bed partner doesn’t have to sift through information unrelated to their situation, for example.

We know they’re busy, so each article is concise and to the point. And we’re constantly adding topics and articles to the library as new research emerges, so there is always fresh content to enjoy.

Want To Know More? Watch The ProjectZ Tutorial Video