ProjectZ Sleep Program- How It Works

We know you feel a responsibility to protect both your employees and your bottom line. That’s why it is our honor to introduce you to ProjectZ, which creates a simple, strong foundation to decrease your company’s medical costs while improving productivity and safety. Using clinically-validated techniques and treatments, ProjectZ helps to identify, educate, and manage your employees’ sleep health. The National Institute for Health Care Management reports that ROI on wellness program studies ranges from 1.49:1 to 4.7:1, with an average $3 return for every $1 invested over a multi-year period.

We know that sleep belongs on a spectrum. Some of your employees might sleep like champions, but could still benefit from pro tips on how to sleep even better. Some of your employees might be within days or weeks of a very dangerous and costly medical incident or workplace accident due to untreated sleep disorders. Many of your workers fall somewhere in between. We’re standing by, ready to help each and every employee at your company.

The Three Step Approach



Start with a self-paced, clinically validated survey that identifies major sleep problems and sleep hygiene issues.



We analyze screening results, and build a custom treatment plan that includes coaching, educational resources, and recommendations for further assessments and treatments as needed.


Treatment and
Ongoing EngagemenT

Your employees complete their recommended plan, accepting sleep-related challenges and earning points that drive real, verifiable behavior change. This makes them eligible to win rewards for improving their sleep health. Everyone sleeps better, everyone wins.

ProjectZ Sleep Program: What It Offers

Better Productivity

Appropriate sleep prepares the body and the brain for high functioning. Thanks to ProjectZ coaching, your employees will sleep better and wake up feeling more alert, better able to concentrate, better able to make sensitive decisions, better able to interact with colleagues and clients, and better able to function with efficiency and focus. Instead of mentally tracking how many hours until they can flop into bed, they will be focused on the task at hand: Contributing to the overall success and profitability of your company.

Better Health

Because your employees will receive personalized screening and analysis by our highly trained sleep physicians, they will receive customized, clinically validated treatment plans perfectly tailored to address their sleep challenges. Bite-size challenges and longer-term goals help create a sense of progression and achievement, reinforcing buy-in and rewarding ongoing participation. The payoff: better sleep, better rest, better health. Your employees will receive the medical care and counseling they need for a good night’s sleep, and the deep physical and mental rewards associated with adequate rest.

Better Safety

Workplace accidents are tragic, costly, and bad for morale. Fortunately, most accidents are preventable. We call them “accidents” because all too often, someone made a mistake. When your employees achieve a solid night’s sleep, they’re better prepared to act, think, and behave safely. In the event of an emergency, they will feel more clear-headed and responsive. When your company invests in sleep, you give your employees the gift of safety. And your bottom line will thank you for it.

ProjectZ addresses the following sleep issues:

• Jet Lag

• Shift Work

• Restless Legs

• Chronic Stress

• Hypnotic Dependence

• Sleep Deprivation

• Transient Insomnia

• Chronic Insomnia

• Obstructive Sleep Apnea

• Conditioned Arousal

• Sleep Hygiene – Lifestyle

• Sleep Hygiene – Environment

• Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

• Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome

• And more!

ProjectZ Drives Positive Results