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Subject: Back to School...Teach Your Kids About Sleep

Message: As important as sleep is for adults, it is even more critical for children. Studies show that more than 2 out of 3 children have sleep problems and only 15% of teenagers are obtaining the advised amount of sleep. Emphasizing the importance of sleep and good sleep habits to a child helps establish an important foundation for the child to carry through into their adult life. There is an extraordinary amount of physical and mental development that occurs in children, much of which occurs during sleep. Therefore, poor sleep can have a tremendously negative impact on their brain and overall development.

While sleep needs vary across age and individual children there are several techniques and strategies that generally apply across the board. If you suspect your child has a sleep disorder or has a particularly unique set of circumstances that make it difficult for the child to get the appropriate amount of sleep it is imperative that you get involved early on and it is advised that you discuss the sleep issues with their doctor.

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Subject: How Can I Improve My Memory?...Sleep!

Message: Scientists believe learning and memory involve three steps: acquiring new information, consolidating memories into a stable, storable format in your brain, and being able to recall these learned memories for practical use. You can acquire new information and recall information while you’re awake, but that crucial middle step – consolidating – seems to take place during sleep.

When you are sleep deprived, it’s much more difficult to learn something new. And you can’t learn something, in the long run, without relying on the memories you’ve stored related to the subject.  In fact, some scientists believe that sleeping within a few hours after learning new information can help you remember it better. 

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